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2008-05-21, 00:27
I followed the instructions on the developers website to install the EQ plugin (albeit the beta) and everything worked great on the Duet remote, I was able to alter Bass/Treble settings etc. it was a bit 'sticky' but it worked.

However, when I opened up the squeeze centre (7.01) although the EQ was there under extras, there was an option to install Microsoft Silverlight, which I did (don't say a word) this actually bought up a graphic of the settings that I had put on the Duet remote. Good I thought I can see the settings on the laptop as well as the remote, luvly jubbly....I went back to my remote only to find that the EQ option in Extras has now gone??

Any ideas?



2008-07-07, 15:28
Do you have a link for the Eq plugin?