View Full Version : Product suggestion: SB w/ video out?

2008-05-20, 13:18
Why is there not a squeezebox model that has a simple video out? It wouldn't even need to have its own display at all.. just a video out to connect to my main display would be great, I think.

2008-05-20, 13:33
That would be a great feature!

2008-05-20, 14:01
Well i think you are in the minority here, i suspect that not that many people really want this. Not really sure what use it would be anyway and i certainly dont want to have to use a TV because a) I dont have a TV in every room my SB's are in and b) its a complete PITA to use a TV to playback music. I'm sure that some cool-ish things could be done, but it's very much near the bottom of the list.

What i would like to see is a plugin that could stream album art etc to one of those WiFi digital photo frames :)

2008-05-20, 16:55
I probably wouldn't use it either, but I think it would add some value and be the right solution for some.

Video tends to create a lot of noise across a very wide bandwidth, so it would be good to have an option to disable.

2008-05-20, 17:49
This would be FANTASTIC :)

My previous solution was to have machines at each stereo so I could stream video and audio to entertainment solutions. The Duet solves the audio problem but not the video problem.