View Full Version : problem after power cut

fast eddie
2008-05-20, 05:16
We had a power cut yesterday and now I cant connect to my headless server running Clark Connect.

The LED's on the network card are all flashing away but I cannot ping it or connect to it using either the management interface. It has been working fine for a good few months before the power cut.

Any ideas what could be the problem? I have taken it out of the cupboard and am going to connect a monitor and keyboard/mouse to it later but would welcome some pointers as to where to start and what to check for.

Thanks for any suggestions

All sorted - halt on errors had been reset in the pc bios so when it booted up without the keyboard it kept faining because it needed to be reset to No halt on errors.

guess the best way round this in future is to leave a keyboard connected so if we have another power cut it will still boot up.