View Full Version : Cannot connect to SqueezeCenter on Vista

2008-05-19, 14:57
I recieved my Duet this past weekend and spent most of it trying to get it set up properly. Logitech/SlimDevices has tried to hard to automate this process. There should be some advanced/manual set up options for networks that are maybe not exactly what they're expecting, but I digress.

I was able to get everything working, including connecting to SqueezeNetwork, except that I cannot connect to SqueezeCenter which is running on my Vista Media Center. I can see it listed on the duet controller but when I try to connect to it it just times out. Within the squeezecenter software it says my player was not found. I tried reinstalling a few times with no change. I have Windows Firewall turned off. I can ping the reciever's IP address from the Vista machine. And again, I can connect to SqueezeNetwork just fine. Any ideas?