View Full Version : Native FLAC?

Daryle A. Tilroe
2004-03-02, 23:00
First let me say: great product!

Only real problem I had setting it up was discovering that
'flac.exe' had to be in the path somewhere for the server to
decode to wav for transmission to the SqueezeBox (this should
really be in a more prominent place in the FAQ).

Anyhow that brings me to my second question:

When might we expect to to see native FLAC decoding at the

My understanding is that it is in principle possible (perhaps
even under development) due to the low horsepower required to
decode FLAC. So to those in the know; how long before we see
firmware capable of this: weeks, months, years, "never; who
gave you that crazy idea"?

Daryle A. Tilroe