View Full Version : web interface: possible to sub-sort albums by year?

2008-05-19, 06:01
In the default 7.x web interface, is it possible to sort albums, once you've selected an artist, by year?
I've looked in settings, but don't see it - but hopefully I've just missed something(?)


2008-05-19, 06:38
under Music Library, Albums, scroll to the bottom of the page and in the lower left corner, you'll see a drop down widget that looks like a windowpane. Under that dropdown, you can select various ways to view albums. Artist, Year, Album will get what I think you are asking for.

Edit - just reread your post and you were asking about sorting once you're in Artists view. My tip above will work the same way in Artist view.

2008-05-19, 07:10
Thanks! That was exactly what I was looking for (sort by artist/year/album).