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2008-05-18, 11:16

I just unboxed and installed the Duet.

I have connected wirelessly to my network and I can play internet radio without problems.

However, on the PC (Windows XP SP2) which I have stored my music files, SqueezeCenter 7.0.1 just says "SqueezeCenter Starting" when I hover my mouse over the icon in the system tray.

Also even though I put in the IP address of my music source computer, clicking on the choice on the remote does nothing.

I have shut off AVG antivirus control center (but there are still 3 running processes that I cannot terminate without unistalling the software completely) and Comodo Personal Firewall. I have uninstalled and reinstalled SqueezeCenter 7.01. I have made sure that the Windows Firewall is off.

I am connecting the Duet receiver wirelessly to my network. The computer with my music and SqueezeCenter is wired to the router. The router is a NetGear router which is a couple of years old with the latest firmware.

I have my hard drives that have music on them as "Shared" drives (not sure if that is necessary).

2008-05-18, 11:36
Ok, two things to try. First do you see anything if you point your web browser at the address "http://localhost:9000/".

Secondly, is there anything interesting in the file "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SqueezeCenter\Logs\server.log" ?

2008-05-18, 12:27
The suggested page does not open.

There is no such file in

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SqueezeCenter\

There is a prefs folder and a link to SqueezeCenter Web Interface.

There is no logs folder.

Addendum: I completely uninstalled AVG antivirus and rebooted. I then uninstalled and reinstalled SqueezeCenter with exactly the same results.


Phil Leigh
2008-05-19, 11:18
AVG plays nicely with SC - that shouldn't be a problem.

My log files are in c:\program files\squeezecenter\logs

2008-05-19, 18:01
Fortunately my music is on a USB drive.

So I tried another spare computer (nearly the same processor, Windows XP SP2, AVG, Comodo, etc.) and SqueezeCenter installed easily.

Comodo blocked the server from working so I uninstalled it and turned on Windows Firewall which does not block it.

I then moved the spare computer into my home run closet and my Duet works beautifully with several hundred gigabytes of FLAC files on the external drive.

However, I think I want to get a more energy-efficient, smaller PC for that closet. A refurb HP slimline would seem to fit that description.


2008-05-20, 14:44
Reviewing the forum, the same sort of problem reports about the SqueezeCenter that I encountered seems to pop up repeatedly. I would be VERY hesitant to recommend this piece of software to others at this time.

I have found multiple reports of the "SqueezeCenter (Non)Starting" problem. Of those that were solved, the solution appears to be fairly technical and not for the faint of heart.

I'm happy I got it working on one computer at least...one that has my FLAC music collection is all I need.


2008-06-01, 15:25
Comodo Personal Firewall was the likely culprit.

I encountered a similar problem with BOINC. BOINC would not perform any calculations.

So I uninstalled Comodo to install BOINC. BOINC worked fine then.

I had previously turned off the firewall, but apparently that is not enough for BOINC or SqueezeCenter. Comodo has to be uninstalled.

I just tried SqueezeCenter 7.01 again and it installed perfectly.

Comodo is too complex and does not play well with certain apps.

I am now using Online Armor Free which seems to play fair with BOINC and SqueezeCenter.


2008-06-02, 11:17
Just as an aside... incompatibility problems caused by anti-virus or firewall programs are not our fault.


2008-06-02, 16:57
I don't think my last message blamed SqueezeCenter or Slim Devices.

I placed the blame solely on Comodo.

2008-06-06, 06:44
Just in case someone out there has a similar problem with their setup as mine:

I installed SqueezeCenter on a Vista 32bit machine with AVG and ZoneAlarm. The SqueezeCenter never seemed to get past the "SqueezeCenter Starting" message in the taskbar. I could not access the "http://localhost:9000" so had a look through the forums and found these threads.

I tried using the diagnostic tool provided and found that there was a problem with port 9000. Initially I thought that another program was using it e.g. MediaPlayer and checked using the TCP/port tool. This was not the problem. As a result of this and other threads on the forum, I looked into a possible problem with Zonealarm and AVG. Zonealarm seemed to be the culprit and a new version was available that specifically addressed this problem. I manually updated Zonealarm and thought that my problems would be over. Alas no. I checked the version number of my updated ZoneAlarm and found that the version number was not 7.1.254 (or over), it was still 7.0.???.

This was a bit strange, so I checked for a specific Zonealarm install for Vista, downloaded it and everything is now working as expected. The version of ZoneAlarm I had installed was apparently for XP and not Vista specific.

First impressions are very good with this device, will give Sonos a run for its moolah!