View Full Version : Extracting CoverArt from iTunes downloaded artwork

2008-05-18, 10:55
In M4A files created by Apple's iTunes there are two possible places in which cover art is stored:

a) if the image was pasted into iTunes from an external source, the graphic data is stored inside the M4A file itself i.e. in the MPEG-4 ILST.COVR box

b) if the image was downloaded using iTunes "Get Cover Art" command, the graphic data is stored in a separate file on the hard disk whose location and encoding is determined by iTunes

Last time I looked, SlimServer was not able to extract cover art stored using method b)

I have written some code (albeit in Delphi Pascal) that opens a COM interface on iTunes and automates iTunes to extract its own cover art type b) from its own store, and return it to the calling application as a normal graphic object.

If you want to use this code in SlimServer you are most welcome.