View Full Version : Automatic server power off?

2008-05-18, 02:38
I use my regular Windows PC as server for my squeezebox. The SB wakes up the PC using WOL. But i would like the PC to be turned of when the last SB is powered off, if no one is using the PC.

I have not found anything that achieves the thing that is crucial to me, the checking if there are users logged into Windows before shutting down the PC.

Could anyone recommend a solution to this?


2008-05-18, 02:52
But theres a Server Power Controll plugin.
I does not do what you want, but it's a least something.
I don't know how well the win version is.
Oh and it's designed for classic SB's (not duet )

For the Controller theres nothing afiak.


2008-05-18, 02:59
When my SB hasn't been active for 1 hour, my SqueezeCenter server hibernates.

2008-05-18, 04:13
Have you configured that in Windows somewhere or are you using something in the SqueezeCenter?


2008-05-18, 04:28
If you can use WOL, then the network card is OK - otherwise check http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?p=303033&posted=1#post303033

Then choose Control Panel -> Power Options -> Change when the computer sleeps -> Put the computer to sleep