View Full Version : How to play asx or asf files

Mike DeAngelis
2004-03-02, 09:47
Can I use ffmpeg to play asx or asf (Windows media format) files? Or do I
need to use the WMA stream plugin. I have been trying to use ffmpeg with no
Thanks...Mike DeAngelis

2006-09-13, 08:46
Same question here.

When I save a radio stream to file, it's internal format is apparently ASF. I can add a .wma extension to get Slimserver to recognize it but that doesn't change it's internal format. mplayer, gxine and totem (Linux) all play it fine. But slimserver and V2 Squeezebox do not play it.

My work around was to install AlienBBC to get the mplayer based conversion to flac. Then disable the direct wma play and use the wma->flac conversion. This seems to work, although it would be nicer if slimserver and Squeezebox could handle these file types directly.