View Full Version : Dropouts with Softsqueeze on cabled network

2008-05-17, 14:00
I'm running SqueezeCenter 7 on a Windows XP SP2 machine (an Athlon 64 3000). The machine isn't running anything else - it's dedicated as a media center PC, with 2Gb RAM.

I'm getting frequent "drop-outs" or gaps in music playback, usually 0-2 seconds in duration.

I am using Softsqueeze as a local player on the same machine, but the music is stored on a network share. The network connection is gigabit over Cat5 cable.There's no other application accessing that share/drive while the music is playing.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do to elminate this, as it's very annoying.

2008-05-21, 04:00
Have you tried lowering the network speed to 100mb half duplex?

2008-05-21, 05:33
Do you get the same thing with your hardware players (if you have one)?
I get occasional playback problems with softsqueeze that I never get with my hardware players.
The most recent time it got all flakey I uninstalled the player, uninstalled java, reinstalled both and it's OK now.
Note that this is softsqueeze on a PC other than my server. I haven't tried softsqueeze running on my server (no speakers there, server in basement, etc).