View Full Version : SqueezeNetwork - Duet

2008-05-17, 01:41
Using 7.01 and jive r2448.

I have no problems accessing my music collection but cannot connect to the SqueezeNetwork (selecting the option through settings>>music source). Just get a message to try again.

Also whilst I can view radio stations, they time out.

I've assigned static IP addresses to the SB and SC but wonder whether some other setting is wrong. Is this something to do with DNS?

Tried disabling the firewall - no effect.

EDIT: after further investigating:

1. I have set the DNS on the remote = to the ip address of my wireless access point (WAP)
2. My WAP is connected to a LAN: the default gateway corresponds with that set up in the WAP and remote; the DNS = ip address of WAP (I have also tried the DNS of my ISP)

No luck!