View Full Version : Possible to auto-play small MP3 file on power-up ?

Alex Lemon
2004-03-02, 06:49
Great ! I'm already looking forward to it !!! :))

And on that thought - speaking of plug-ins, that is - what ever happened to Tapani's WMA plug-in ?? Digging into the discuss archives lead me to expect official WMA support sooner rather than later.


Is this still a possible feature of future Slimserver releases ?


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This is a good idea, but there's no facility for it now.

Maybe somebody could put together a plugin for it?

On Mar 1, 2004, at 4:26 PM, Alex Lemon wrote:

> Is there already a way to automatically have the Slimserver app play a
> small MP3 file every time the Squeezebox is powered up??
> Sometimes I may be remotely accessing the server via Pocket PC or a
> desktop PC in a distant corner of the house and thought it would be
> kind of handy (almost neat) if the system could play a small announce
> MP3 file just to confirm all systems are up and running ... like
> "Welcome! SqueezeBox now online!" .. hehehehe :))
> Any thoughts ????