View Full Version : egrips or similar for Controller

2008-05-16, 04:17
has anyone used the egrips product on their controller. Having had the Controller for a couple of days, I can see it being left on a table, chair arm, etc. and being susceptible to being easily knocked off. The egrips on my cell phone and iPod have saved them from many an untimely fall. I'm planning on covering the back of the Controller down to where it sits in the cradle.

2008-05-23, 11:57
I installed some generic egrips strips on my Controller and it's MUCH better to handle now IMHO. I put a couple of 1/4" strips down the sides and a few 3/4" strips across the back. The clear strips are more invisible than I thought they might be. No more sliding around on a side table or arm of my listening chair. I also ordered one of the invisible shields from Zagg for the screen and will get it installed later this weekend as they recommend leaving the unit alone for 12-24 hours to set up.