View Full Version : Receiver Connection Problems - Duet

2008-05-15, 16:07
Hi - Hope someone can help me, perhaps someone has already answered on this topic, but I cant find one...

I've had my duet for a week now, intial setup worked perfectly all connected fine and I was streaming music with 15 mins.

After a couple of days I managed to turn on the SqueezeNetwork as the Music Source. After that, it wouldnt connect to my squeezecentre library anymore.

After a few days of fiddling, factory resets, reboots and re-installations of squeeze centre, I am no further forward, except that I have narrowed it down a little....it seems that most people have issues with the Controller, but my problem seems to be the receiver.

Controller is picked up by the Router, I have tried DHCP and Static - both connect fine to the controller. However the receiver is a different story, the router is not assigning an IP in DHCP or Static mode. It has a link AND activity, however no IP that I can see from the router logs.

I tried rebooting the router, wired and wireless connections, nothing seems to work. I just have the same screen on the remote which doesnt see the squeezebox at all during setup, just holds at the receiver selection screen.

I have also found that both Controller and Receiver have dissapeared from the Squeezecentre player list, yet the controller is connected with an IP....

Obviously the light on the front of the receiver is flashing red as it hasnt connected to anything....

I'm planning to call tec support if I cant sort it out soon - but I'm in UK, so could be an expensive call!

Any ideas/suggestions appreciated,

Router: D-Link DI-524
Receiver: Wired or Wireless
Server: Squeezecentre 7.01 for WIN XP (DHCP)