View Full Version : Scan Forward

2008-05-15, 14:05
I noticed in 7.01 list it says there were improvements to scanning. I have never really understood fast forward/scanning , but as I understand:

PRESS and HOLD the forward button and it should start playing at 2x speed.
hit PLAY to resume
IF you want to go 4x speed you would press and hold forward and then quick press it again.

SO, if this is correct:

1. When using the Squeezebox and the standard remote connected to SqueezeNetwork I get the scan line and do not hear anything. It just kind of flashes the screen. When connected to Squeeze centre it does work

2. I can't make it do anything using the Squeeze Remote on any of my device using SN. On Squeeze Centre is starts but it will not stop - despite pushing play. I have to push Pause and then Pause again