View Full Version : AAC not working - Small Business Server?

2008-05-14, 23:00
I've got two SqueezeInstalls going on - one at home that is based on 6.5.2 currently and everything works on. I've just set up a new install od SqueezeCenter seven on my work server that is running Small Business Server 2003 on it.

It mostly works, but it won't play (non copy protected) AAC files that play fine on my home install. As I understand it these are played by calling mov123 and piping the output to flac - is it possible that one/both of these is not friendly with SBS?

It's no major drama - I can always manually convert a few files from m4a to flac if need be, just thought I'd see if anyone knew of a solution before I head down that path...

2008-05-14, 23:52
Is Quicktime installed ? mov123 uses the QuickTime libraries to decode m4a/aac files.

2008-05-15, 00:00
Yep that's the problem - thanks.

I've just popped Quicktime Lite on and it's working. Never realised it was needed for this and am keeping installs to a minimum on the server.

Be nice if the Slimsever installer checked for these things and at least informed you of what extras would be useful (like Zoomplayer for instance). Or gave some sort of error message to the user at least....rather than just not playing anything.