View Full Version : Squeezcenter Display with variable screen width & tabs

2008-05-14, 09:05
I've been playing about with the general Squeezecenter display & until we get the ability within SC to resize windows (left & right different widths) in MS IE 7.0, I have come up with a set up that 'works for me'. Sharing here in case of interest to others.

1. Open SC, but not in IE 'full screen mode'.
2. Pull window to right side of screen such that right hand (RH) lines up with RH of monitor.
3. Pull LH of window to about 50% across the screen.
4. Refresh screen. This will split the window 50-50%. Run steps 3 & 4 until you get the RH 'now playing' window to a size to suit (all fits)
5. Now pull LH side of window over to LH of monitor screen. Overall screen will now readjust to about 75% to eg album art and 25% to the 'now playing' window.
6. As an option, paste (or whatever is your SC site) into a new tab. Repeat 2 to 5 for this new tabbed window. I guess you could open as many tabs as you like.

Using the above, I have one IE instance opened with two tabs. On first tab I have album art displayed 10x wide (22" monitor). On second tab I have artist listings. I can switch from one tab to another, explore & add tracks from either to the 'now playing' window.

Note this is on SC 7.1.19631 (beta). I don't know if it works on previous versions.