View Full Version : replacement PSU for SB2?

2008-05-13, 21:53
I just broke the wall-wart on the stock PSU for one of my SB2s, and was surprised to see that they don't seem to be on the SD/Logi product pages any longer. Any leads on where to get an appropriate replacement (5V 2A supply with the correct plugs) in the US? I'd also be willing to entertain an inexpensive alternative, like the Elpac I've seen mentioned a few times. Thanks.

2008-05-13, 22:42
This one should work:


2008-05-16, 07:00
Thanks Sean, I'll check it out.

2008-05-16, 07:24
Oops, check that. The old PSU is center positive, and the one in the link is center negative. I need center positive, don't I? I don't doubt Sean's technical chops, but also I know that even bosses can make a mistake now and then ;o)

I presume the other specs (regulated, 5V, 2A, 5.5mmOD 2.5mmID, color=black) are all in line with what I need...

2008-05-16, 12:17
Sorry to reply to my own post (again!), but it has been much harder than I expected to find a simple replacement for the stock PSU. Jameco (the company that Sean pointed me to), does have a PSU that almost matches, but 2.4A instead of 2.0A (http://www.jameco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10001&catalogId=10001&pa=689864&productId=689864). Other searches came up dry.

Two questions:
1) anyone have any suppliers to recommend for something like this (they don't have to be in the US, but I need a US plug), and

2) in the meantime, I could use the psu from an old zip drive, but I need to change the female connector. How can I tell the polarity of the wires on the two pieces (zip drive psu & SB2 connector)?


2008-05-16, 12:23
The extra amperage won't hurt at all. Make sure the voltage and the polarity are correct, just as you are doing.

I built an outboard PS for my SB3 based on an open-frame PS I picked up off eBay. 5 volts, 5 amps I think. It's been on for a couple of years now. There are quite a few threads on power supplies if you want to search for more.