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2008-05-13, 11:56
I have just set up my new Squeezebox Duet (both the remote and the squeezebox are wireless). Connecting to the SqueezeNetwork and playing internet radio works like a charm.

Unfortunately playing my own collection will not work from the remote. I have a semi-large collection (12000 songs / 1200 albums / 3500 artists), installed on a passively cooled HTPC (older model VIA EPIA, processor @ 1GHz) running Windows 2000. Using the webinterface all goes pretty well, but using the remote it just seems to hang... When I click "Albums" on the remote, the little arrow starts spinning, yet nothing else happens (I've waited about 15 minutes now, should be enough?!).

Is my collection too big? Should I try the nightly builds (now running the stable branch)? Any other ideas?

Thanks... :(

2008-05-13, 12:06
How much ram do you have.
And depending on which other program you run on the server - you should try some Linux or even FreeNAS to free up some resources.

2008-05-13, 12:15
RAM: 512K
Other programs running: a couple, but nothing too CPU- or RAM-intensive

As for the NAS: this is just a temporary solution. I have ordered a Synology 207+, but it has not yet arrived. So I'm trying it this way in the meantime.

PS: I think my remote got screwed? I "rebooted" it just now and I seem to have lost all settings... In the progress of setting it up again as I type...

2008-05-13, 12:28
Certainly not "too big", mine's about that size and it's fine, many others are much larger. In general there's no reason for performance via the controller to be worse than via the web interface, in fact in most cases it should be better. I would try the 7.0.1 build, it's generally quite a bit better than the 7.0.

2008-05-13, 12:30
Oookayyy... Have I just bricked my remote or my Squeezebox?!

Connecting remote to wlan: OK (it shows up nicely in SqueezeNetwork)
Locating my Squeezebox (connected to wlan & ethernet): OK
Connecting to Squeezebox: Not OK... (Squeezebox does now show in SqueezeNetwork)
Updating firmware on remote: Not OK... (keeps telling me it is copying, 0%...)

What now? Can I reset?

2008-05-13, 12:38
Which version of SC are you running and which version of the fw do you have on the SBC? I saw a problem with the genre queries hanging a couple of weeks ago. It's been solved in SC 7.0.1 and 7.1. See http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=46850 for more info.

My library weighs in at:

Total Tracks: 39,004
Total Albums: 2,070
Total Artists: 807
Total Genres: 36

With SC 7.1, svn 19660 running on hardware not much faster than yours, and with the SBC running version 7.1r2435, I'm seeing that a SBC Music Library->Albums request returns in less than a second with the list of 2k+ albums. Pretty impressive, actually. SlimDevices developers: practicing Extreme ClevernessŪ every day of the week.

2008-05-13, 12:41
Oookayyy... Have I just bricked my remote or my Squeezebox?!
Probably not. Try restarting your server and then try a cold boot of the SBC.

2008-05-13, 13:22
Right. Upgraded to the latest nightly build.

Seems that the thing which caused trouble was me setting up authentication on the SqueezeCenter. Using the 7.1, my SBC now finally asks how to authenticate. Now upgrading the SBC... again...

Oh, and my Nabaztag seems to disrupt my WiFi network... :(

EDIT: yesss... now works like a charm! Thanks folks!