View Full Version : Dropped packets with wireless connection

Mark Hughes
2004-03-01, 13:56

My squeezebox arrived today and I'm having some issues with wireless
connectivity and have no real idea what is the culprit:

I'm using a Belkin f5d7630 router / adsl modem.

If either the squeezebox or the slimserver are plugged into one of the ports
on the router then everything works fine. However, if both are wireless then
there are connection problems after a random number of seconds, these are
confirmed by a ping from the slimserver to the squeezebox which sees 50%+
packet loss and some significant breaks in responses which would seem to
correspond with the dropped connection.

I initially suspected the router but a ping between two wireless boxes on the
same network doesn't see any packet loss or delays.

Router is latest firmware (V.A.1.04.03UK) and I've tried the 1st March server
build which upgraded the box firmware to 8.

Any ideas ?