View Full Version : Where is remote control selection parameter?

Spam Magnet
2004-03-01, 12:54
Yup. Obvious. After some helpful advice, that is. Completely invisible
beforehand... :)


on 3/1/04 11:00 AM, kdf at slim-mail (AT) deane-freeman (DOT) com wrote:

> Quoting Spam Magnet <spam_magnet (AT) hotpop (DOT) com>:
>> Where is the slimp3 remote control protocol-type setting located? (in a
>> file? or via the user interface? I seem to remember changing a line of text
>> in a file somewhere...)
>> A long while back I changed the remote control protocol type of my slimp3 to
>> a different protocol than the JVC one because I have a JVC receiver. Now I
>> can't remember where that parameter is located.
>> I'm now using a jp1 remote and want to control the slimp3 with it, but
>> having changed the remote parameter previously I can't now make it work
>> properly.
>> I've tried searching the archives and docs for this info but couldn't find
>> it. Thought it might be quicker to ask in the forum. Thanks.
> Player settings, Additional Player Settings, right down at the bottom:
> Remote Button Functions
> cheers,
> kdf