View Full Version : Squeezecenter can't find/play music

2008-05-11, 05:49
I've just upgraded my Squeezecenter to the latest version on Windows XP (SP2). I'm running a central server, my music resides on a NAS which is accessable on a network drive z:\Jukebox. Under this drive, iTunes is storing all Artists-Albums. I already could scan the directory, but none of my songs could get played on my Squeezebox 3. Most of the songs are MP3, I know the Apple tunes songs don't play ("can't play" - message on Squeezebox). But surprisingly I could see all of the music listed in Squeezecenter and on the Squeezebox.
I now deleted and rescanned the whole library because of duplicate and inconsistent entries, therefore I unchecked the "iTunes" option and just scanned the music folder. Result was 0 music found! I then checked the scan log file which says:
[08-05-01 15:43:25.3287] MPEG::Audio::Frame::broken (620) Warning: Use of uninitialized value in right bitshift (>>) at C:\PROGRA~1\SQUEEZ~1\server\lib/MPEG/Audio/Frame.pm line 620, <$mpeg> chunk 6.
I think this could be the reason for not playing any MP3 song?
I'm now scanning again my library while iTunes is running, with the option "iTunes" on. It's finding the music again, but I am wondering if I can play it afterwards? Can someone understand the error message from the scanner? Why can't Squeezebox play MP3 anymore? Internet radio is working fine.
Thanks for any help! Cheers, Lakeside

2008-05-11, 06:26
Sounds like a code error - the code was trying to shift some bits to the right 'X' number of places where 'X' had not been defined (initialized).

2008-05-11, 07:25
yes, that's what it says. But any idea, if this is a mpeg conversion problem, and how to avoid or solve that?
After scanning the whole library again I have a clean squeezecenter listing and I can also listen again to MP3. Strange.
But anyway, I am a little unsure if I need to check the iTunes box, define the path to the music library AND define the music library path in the basic setup or if this causes troubles. I couldn't find any hints in the forum nor in the user guide.
Cheers, Lakeside.