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2008-05-11, 00:24

I've been using V6 of squeezebox on my G5 mac for a while, and it's been superb. I've recently bought a new mac-mini to act as my media server and moved my music across (some 100gb), and installed V7 on the mac-mini, and it only seems about 100 artists as opposed to the 13,000+ V6 sees. iTunes sees them all as does Front Row.

Here's how it's set up, 99% of my music is on an external drive called MP3s.
The iTunes XML references this external drive (/Volumes/MP3s/.....). Some of the songs are in the iTunes folder (mostly because I started importing and soon realised I wasn't going to have enough space). Those local songs have been picked up by Squeezecenter, but NOT the ones on the external drive.

In the iTunes tab of the squeeze center I have ticked the box that says "use iTunes" and also selected "include all files", I have also located the xml file for it aswell. When I do a rescan of the library I see this on the progress screen ;-

Playlist Scan Complete 00:00:00
iTunes Import (13225 of 13225) Complete 00:00:57
iTunes Playlist Import (30 of 30) Complete 00:00:03
Merge Various Artists (10 of 10) Complete 00:00:00
Artwork Scan (10 of 10) Complete 00:00:02
Database Optimize Complete 00:00:00

SqueezeCenter has finished scanning your music collection.00:01:02

Some Where it's had a fit and forgotten the 13225 itunes import list and only recognised the 10 artists on the local disk.

How do I fix this? if not, can I please have ver 6 of squeezecenter or slimserver.


2008-05-11, 00:48
Do you *want* to use iTunes, or did you just reckon it was the easiest way to go?

I don't use iTunes with SqueezeCenter, and can suggest what to do if you aren't using it, but I don't know how things work when you are using it.

Put a symbolic link to the external drive in your main library folder, and the drive should be picked up.

Note that at present (this is due to change) you must use a symbolic link and not an alias. If you don't want to use Terminal for creating a symbolic link, there are various free programs (check VersionTracker or MacUpdate) to do this for you.

This might even work when you are using iTunes with SqueezeCenter, but I don't know.

2008-05-11, 01:39

Thanks, I'll give it a try, at least it should get my library available to my mp3 players, though I'd still like a 'fix' from the developers (who do an excellent job IMHO, I've used Slimserver since I bought my first SLIMP3).

With the old version (6.5.4) all SlimServer did was look at the .xml file that iTunes created and used it as a reference, for some reason Ver 7 seems to be totally ignoring the paths in the iTunes xml file.

I've noticed that by telling it my music directory is the external drive it finds all the songs there but misses the stuff on the local disk. Looks like Ver 7 cannot handle multiple drives, a shame as it's an easy way to expand your library when it out grows your current disk.