View Full Version : Duet vs. web interface: navigation information incomplete on Duet

2008-05-10, 11:38
I noticed that some navigation information that is on the squeezecenter web interface will not show up on the Duet interface. One specific example is: I have a folder with compilation CDs (Various Artists). With the web interface I can navigate to the indiviudual albums in that folder, but with the Duet there are not even 'Various Artists'. When I go to genre, then I do not see the 'Various Artists'. When I look at albums I see the albums directrly. Is there something special with 'Various artists'? This is for tagged FLAC files. I saved the tags in two way, as 'various' or as 'compilation'. None of that worked. I used the Tag&Rename program, from WAV files. When I save to mp3 the support is slighly better, but then I still do not see the album under genre, and I cannot go beyong 'Various Artists' in artists.
Thanks for any help on this.