View Full Version : Slimserver / Transporter stops after 1 song...

2008-05-10, 07:08
My beautiful Transporter is useless! It stops playing after 1 song, no matter what...
The counter on the Transporter doen't move during the playing of the first song, the meters do move (if I make them visible). During the second song (actually, it repeats the first one) no sound is output, and no signal is on the Transporter, but the Slimserver says it plays some music 9somg 1 thus), and the time moves forward, eratically.

I did a xilinx, a factory reset, a clean install of the server software (7.0.1.
It all started I think after i tried 7.1. Downgrading again didn't help.


I raised it already as Bug 8103