View Full Version : Adding music folders via remote control

Mitch Harding
2004-03-01, 09:54

Still loving my new SqueezeBox, but now I have another question/problem. My
usual listening style is to dump all of my MP3/FLAC files into one large
playlist, shuffle it, and then just skip songs that I don't want to listen
to at the moment. Anyway, the way I typically accomplish this is by using
the "Browse Music Folder" option, because at the highest level all of my
music is divided into about 4 different folders. I add each folder to the
playlist, and I am done.

The trouble is, I only seem to be able to do this using the web interface to
the SlimServer software. When I am using the SqueezeBox remote control, I
am able to Browse Music Folder, but I cannot add sub folders to the
playlist. For example, let's say my music folder tree looks like this:

Main Music Folder
subdirectory: MP3 (which contains numerous nested subdirectories of music)
subdirectory: FLAC (which contains numerous nested subdirectories of

On the remote control I navigate to Browse Music Folder -> MP3 and then hit
+, but it does not appear to add any songs to the playlist. However, I am
able to do things like Browse Music Folder -> MP3 -> Subdirectory 1 ->
Subdirectory 2 -> somesong.mp3 and then add it to my playlist with +.
Moreover, I am able to do things like Browse Albums -> Some Album and add
the entire album to my playlist. The only trouble comes (that I have seen)
when I try to add directories to my playlist, and then only when I do it via
remote control. It works fine via the web interface.

I've got the latest SqueezeBox firmware and the latest published Slim Server
software (5.1? Not one of the nightlies).

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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