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2008-05-09, 12:24

I know there are a number of threads that touch on this point but I confess I haven't been able to sort them out in a way that helps me solve my problem.

What I am trying to achive is quite simple. I would like clean up the artist list so the many artists with tracks just on compilation albums go away.

I am using primarly FLAC files, with MusicIP delivering metadata to SqueezeCenter. I realize I need to add some tags to these files as part of the solution. At the moment the files are only tagged with Artist, Album, Genre, Track#, Title, and Year. My reading indicates another tag (COMPILATION=1) is needed as well.

I would like to know if this is possible, and what other tags I need to set and and also what settings I need to adjust in MusicIP and SqueezeCenter. If this question has been answered before then all I need is a pointer to the relevant thread!


2008-05-09, 12:34
In theory all you need to do is set "Group compilation albums together" under Settings > Music Library. Strangely, the wording of this option makes perfect sense to some people, while to others it seems to have nothing to do with artists shown in browse lists.

2008-05-09, 12:35
Assuming you're happy with the default way of determining a compilation (any album with > 1 individual artist) and you're using one folder per album, then you don't need to add compilation tags, you're good to go. Just go and switch on "Group compilation albums together" and they'll all move to under Various Artists.

2008-05-10, 15:38
Hi guys, thanks for the tip.
I found that this only works for files where the COMPILATION tag exists and is set to 1 by the way.