View Full Version : Controller slow to browse into Music Folder

2008-05-09, 01:53
Hi all,

Bought a Squeezebox Duet yesterday to compliment the v3 I already own.

Overall it's brilliant, love the interface and ease of use!

I have one problem though, I use Music Folder a lot, because I like the fact it avoids all the pesky Compilation album artists in the Artist view. On the SB3 this works great, there is a tiny pause but only about a second. On the Controller though there is a huuuuge lag, we're talking a minute or so.

Is this normal? And is there a solution!

Some caveats... I am running SC7 on a QNAP NAS, so processing power isn't my friend, and the directory is pretty big. But both those things are somewhat countered by the fact that it behaves well with the SB3.

As an alternative tactic, I'd be happy to skip Music Folder if there was a better solution to listing Album Artists rather than Artists. I don't mind using plugins, but I knew few of these work with the Controller at this point.

Thanks in advance for help!

2008-05-09, 02:34
I can confirm this issue (running SC on a ReadyNAS). A quick look at the code didn't reveal anything obvious.

But: when browsing on SB3, items are analyzed when they're displayed. This means everytime you go up/down one element. OTOH Controller fetches the full list of items.

If you have eg. 1000 folders and analyzing one costs 0.1 seconds, you will hardly notice the delay on SB3, while 1000*0.1 second sums up to a long delay.

It's a guess, would have to do more in-depth analysis.