View Full Version : scanner.exe problem under VISTA

2008-05-08, 17:23
After a fresh install of SqueezeCenter I'm not able to run scanner.exe.
The error message I get is:

The following CPAN modules were found but cannot work with SqueezeCenter:
Net::DNS (loaded <not found>, need 0.58)

To fix this problem you have several options:
1. Install the latest version of the module(s) using CPAN: sudo cpan Some::Module
2. Update the module's package using apt-get, yum, etc.
3. Run the .tar.gz version of SqueezeCenter which includes all required CPAN modules.

Version info:

SqueezeCenter Version: 7.1 - 19525 @ Wed May 7 06:03:58 PDT 2008 - Windows Vista - EN - cp1252
Server IP address: 192.168.xx.xx
Perl Version: 5.8.8 MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
MySQL Version: 5.0.22-community-nt

Platform Architecture: 586

Hostname: Server

Server Port Number: 9000

Total Players Recognized: 1

Any suggestions?



2008-05-08, 17:37
I downgraded to the released version of SqueezeCenter(7.0) and my initial scan is now running.
I guess I'll stick to the official release for now although I still would like to know what was causing the issue.


2008-05-08, 23:23
I have the same problem - check http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=47394