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2008-05-08, 13:13
Hi all,

I've done a search and not come up with anything, but just wondering if there's any known issues with SqueezeCentre and XP SP3 released a couple of days back?

Any people here installed SP3 and still running SqueezeCentre without any problems?

Thanks in advance.

2008-05-08, 13:20
Rightly or wrongly, I would assume that because no-one has said it doesn't work after this amount of time then it should be a problem. There isn't a huge amound of difference between a fully patched XP SP2 system and SP3. On one system I've seen only 62MB was needed to apply SP3. That compairs with a 300MB+ download for the stand along package (to install on a virgin XP system)

2008-05-09, 01:50
I installed SP3 (had HUGE problems installing it!), but as someone else said, there is almost nothing new in it compared to an up-to-date XP system. Anyway, it has had no effect, good or bad, on my SqueezeCentre. So don't worry.

2008-05-09, 13:19

2008-05-09, 14:02
I've done several SP3 upgrades now with not a problem -- including the box that runs squeezecenter :)

2008-05-09, 14:49
Upgraded 5 computers yesterday to XP SP3, including SqueezeCenter... no problems