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2004-03-01, 08:43
I don't mean to talk from outside to my squeezebox inside (you're right
about that: this could be done via the web-interface), it's the squeezebox
itself I'd like to take out.
So I'd like to place my squeezebox elsewhere (let's say at work, or at a
party), and make it connect to my PC at home.
This should not be difficult since the winamp app can do this too. I hoped I
could enter my IP adresse manually on the squeezebox, but is seems to accept
only local digits...

Hope this makes my question more clear,



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If you can hit the slim server's web page from outside the LAN, and can
connect to (your ip)/stream.mp3, you are accessing your music collection
that way via streaming. Why would you want to talk straight to the
squeezebox? Other than it's telnet port (which dosen't do much good other
than for scripting) I don't think you would ever need to do anything with it
outside the LAN. The Slimserver webpage can control it just fine.

Unless I don't understand your question??

Rob Holland


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Subject: [slim] squeezebox over internet, not just local?

This question may be posed earlier, but I'm new to the community :-)

Anyone knows why the squeezebox only accepts IP-adresses to the slimserver
on a local network?

If Winamp can reach my slimserver over an internet connection, then why
can't the squeezebox?

Suppose I want to place my squeezebox at work, and want to access my
slimserver databases at home?

I can do this when using Winamp, so I don't understand why there seems to be
a limitation built in to the squeezebox. If I could enter the IP-adress and
port number, AND if my internet connection is fast enough, this seems to
open up a nice extra possibility!

I tried to enter my own (externel = not local) IP-adress but squeezebox does
not accept this. Anyone else got any ideas on this