View Full Version : How Do I Set WPA2 and Key in Duet Bridged Mode

2008-05-08, 07:04
I want to use my Duet in bridged mode where the Receiver is connected to a wired ethernet connection and the Controller connects to the wireless of the Receiver. This works, but during setup I am never given a choice to set up WPA2 encryption and to enter a key. How do I set up WPA2 in this mode?

I am able to set up WPA2 when I use my wireless router, but not when I use the receiver for the wireless connection.


2008-05-08, 07:40
You can't, the Receiver is not an access point - when you connect directly to it from the SBC you're using an adhoc connection. I believe the connection is in some way encrypted but I don't know the details.

2008-05-08, 16:08
Thanks for that information.

Anyone else know what type of encryption or security is used for the wireless connection from the Duet controller to the Duet receiver?

I do not feel comfortable using this mode of operation without knowing the security risks.

2009-05-12, 12:38
Hi jw111

I don't know that in Bridged mode you can. When I tried the setup here connecting the controller to the receiver by connecting to the SQUEEZEBOX_XXXX network, it connected without ever asking for a password.

Using netstumbler I could see the squeezebox duets wireless name advertised, and the encryption was showing as WEP.

If you have your own wireless router what is the reason you want to run in bridged mode?

If you connect using your own wireless router the Duet receiver is effectively OFF, eg no SQUEEZEBOX_XXXX appears when scanning for wireless networks.

Hope this makes sense. I've never got a satisfactory answer about bridged mode, other than people saying it is really only meant for people without their own wireless router. Although the connection between the Controller and the Receiver in this situation is WEP which can easily be broken, I'm not sure of the security implications of this on the DUET. I certainly didn't like the idea, so I connected the controller to my own wirless network with WPA2 and it works fine. I think this is called Hybrid mode.