View Full Version : Banchmark DAC1 - USB or not USB ?

2008-05-07, 07:24
I have recently added a SB Duet to my system which currently comprises an SAT CD-Fix CD player, an Audio Research SP16 pre amp and VS55 power amp combo powering Sonus FaberConcerto Grand Piano speakers. Cables from Hovland.

I just bought the Duet to see if the convenience warrants its inclusion into my system. I already have my (largely classical) music collection ripped to iTunes (Apple Lossless) so it was a no brainer to give it a try.

I love the product.

Now I am convinced that the Duet will stay in the system I am keen to bring the sound quality from this source up to the levels I currently enjoy from CD playback and so am planning to put the Benchmark DAC-1 between the Duet Receiver and the Audio Research Pre-amp.

My simple question is, should I go for the USB version or the older non-USB version of the DAC? I obviously do not need the USB connection itself but is this the only difference between the newer and the older models or are there other component changes that would warrant me paying 200 more?

I would welcome your thoughts.

thank you