View Full Version : Can't connect to my music library using SC7

2008-05-07, 07:09
A few months ago I changed my slimserver from my QNAP-101 to my MAC MINI. Everything worked well and was a lot faster.
I was able to play all my music which was still stored on the QNAP Nas as SlimServer 6.5 on the MAC immediately saw
TwonkyMedia server running and I could browse to my music using that.

I have just purchased a Duet and upgraded to SqueezeCenter 7

But now I can't connect to the music on my QNAP NAS at all

In the basic settings for the SqueezeCenter it allows me to browse in the Music Folder to /Network/Nas
Once it's scanned it and I try to access the music folder via the controller I can see the QNAP name. When I select it, it just offers me the QNAP name again and again.

I've tried putting different paths into the "Music Folder" entry but I get errror messages such as:
"Invalid value "/Network/Nas/music" for audiodir"
"Invalid value "/Network/Nas/Qmultimedia/music/" for audiodir"
"Invalid value "" for audiodir"

What am I doing wrong????