View Full Version : Internet Radio and Nightly Updates

Mike DeAngelis
2004-03-01, 06:32
I have a couple of questions concerning internet radio streaming and the
nightly updates.I have a SLIMP3 and have read through the many posts
regarding this subject and I am somewhat confused. I am currently just
creating a .m3u file with the URL of the radio station of the station I want
to listen to (I obtain the URL from shoutcast). Are any other plugins or
software required? I am getting a lot of breakup and ultimately stopping of
the stream. For now I am just trying
to listen to stations that are listed on shoutcast. I assume that these are
MP3 streams. Which brings me to the next question. What is the correct way
to this update the software using the nightly builds? Do I just have to
replace the .exe file or do other files require replacing as well? Thanks
for any help you can provide as I am enjoying the SLIMP3 and would like to
get a few more if I can get the radio streaming issues resolved.....Mike