View Full Version : Old library Scan Will Not Go Away

2008-05-05, 21:27
I created a new music directory, but I canít get rid of the old one. I scanned the new one, but the Squeezebox and Squeeze Center still show the old information. I have changed the name of the old directory, rebooted, downloaded 7, enabled file sharing on the new directory and rescanned numerous times. When I rescan I tick the box to "clear the library and rescan everything" and I press the apply button when finished. When I do the rescan, I can tell from viewing the scan progress that it is in fact scanning my new directory. I disconnected the Squeezebox and downloaded Softsqueeze to make sure it wasnít a hardware issue. The old library just wonít die, but I do not want to delete it yet. I am thinking its something simple that I am simply overlooking. Any and all help would be appreciated.