View Full Version : Displaying my playlist on my PC

Special Ed
2008-05-05, 11:27
I'm a beginner here, and I just downloaded up the SqueezeCenter along with the SoftSqueeze 3.6. I have a Roku SoundBridge. Although I did not purchase any Slim Devices. Inevitably, I would like to solve this issue of displaying my playlists. Will this software work with my Roku SoundBridge?


This was the topic that I started over at Rokulabs forum and there's more information here. Please help!

2008-05-05, 12:02
SqueezeCenter will integrate with iTunes and will let you manage and display playlists etc. Whether it will work with a Roku is a question for them :) Last I heard they only "supported" a pretty old version of SS (5.4? something like that). You could try an older version of SS from here: