View Full Version : Volume "mutes" on startup...

Mike New
2008-05-05, 09:35
This is a seemingly random (but frequent) problem, and I haven't found a predictable way to replicate it.

Sometimes when my Squeezebox starts playing, the volume is muted. The cute spectrum analyzer display dances happily on the SB, but no sound. If I turn the stereo volume up high, I can faintly hear the music playing. To fix, all I have to do is tap a volume button on the remote (or at the SqueezeCenter), and the sound comes back immediately at the proper level. This problem occurs intermittently whether I start the SB from the remote, SqueezeCenter, or via the alarm function.

The problem occurs whether the Squeezebox is intitially "Off" or "On." Twice, the muting has occurred when I switched from streaming audio off the Internet to a local FLAC file. As far as I know, it has never gone silent in the middle of a playlist or when I manually select a different song.

Here is my setup:
Two Squeezeboxes(1 SB2, 1 SB3), synced. Everything uses wired Ethernet connections. Analog audio out - and digital out - comes from the SB2. The SB3 is just a bedroom control; it isn't connected to anything except Ethernet. Only the analog audio mutes; digital always works (but is configured as fixed output). The analog outputs feed a whole-house system; the digital feeds a local stereo receiver.

This is a minor annoyance that's been going on for several months (and several versions of SlimServer/SqueezeCenter), but it would be cool to fix it. Any ideas?