View Full Version : squeezebox over internet, not just local?

2004-02-29, 15:11
This question may be posed earlier, but I'm new to the community :-)

Anyone knows why the squeezebox only accepts IP-adresses to the slimserver
on a local network?
If Winamp can reach my slimserver over an internet connection, then why
can't the squeezebox?

Suppose I want to place my squeezebox at work, and want to access my
slimserver databases at home?
I can do this when using Winamp, so I don't understand why there seems to be
a limitation built in to the squeezebox. If I could enter the IP-adress and
port number, AND if my internet connection is fast enough, this seems to
open up a nice extra possibility!

I tried to enter my own (externel = not local) IP-adress but squeezebox does
not accept this. Anyone else got any ideas on this