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2008-05-04, 14:06

Spent hours browsing the forum whilst trying to get my new Duet combo up and running with my original SB3 and couldn't find anything related to this though there seems to be plenty on a controller update loop.

Ok, my controller is just fine - got that up and running in minutes and is merrily controlling my SB3 as I write. It's the receiver that I am having a nightmare trying to get set up and it all seems to be down to the fact that a required firmware update is not being applied. The receiver has firmware 18. When going through the setup, the controller finds the receiver, the receiver gets hooked up to the network just fine and connects to my server running SC 7.0.1. THEN the trouble starts.

The controller says 'Updating Squeezebox firmware' whilst the receiver LED cycles in the following fashion:

Brief burst of RED
Fade into YELLOW
Fade into GREEN
Pulses of bright flashing WHITE (the firmware update?)
Brief pause then back round to the burst of RED etc etc

Going into SqueezeCenter in a browser confirms that "the player needs updating - press the Brightness button" etc etc

And so the loop - not endless as after about 10 minutes the receiver seems to give up and appear to switch itself off.

Get the receiver back into setup mode, controller finds it, receiver gets the purple light then as it connects to the SC server off we go again with the above cycle.

Is there any other way to get the receiver updated? Anyone else experienced this particular sequence of LED lights?

Any help most gratefully received - very disappointed by this especially as most people seem to have trouble with the controller whereas for me this was a breeze :-/


2008-05-04, 14:29
Try the factory reset to see if changes anything

To do a factory reset on SqueezeboxReceiver, continue holding for a total of 6 seconds until it starts blinking fast RED. Release and after factory reset, it will start flashing slower and be ready to set up.

2008-05-04, 14:40
I don't have any experiene with the NET-UDAp tool but it may be worth a look.