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2008-05-04, 08:56
I'm facing a huge job, correcting and renaming 1000s of files and would very much appreciate hearing other reecommendations for the best program and method to handle this task.

Thank you in advance.

2008-05-04, 09:00
Mp3Tag will do the job. It has the ability to rename the files based on tags with custom naming scheemes available.
I use it loads.

2008-05-04, 09:33
I like Tag&Rename for Windows - very easy to use for bulk file work (and there's a 14 or 30 day trial). However, I still use mp3tag for some things like extended tags. JRiver MediaCentre gets good feedback too.

2008-05-04, 09:41
Are you renaming files based on the tags within them or in some other way?
If it's "based on the tags", I'd also suggest MP3Tag.
If it's for something not tag based, have a look at Bulk Rename Utility (http://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk), which, IMHO can do basically any rename action you can think of - but it's not aware of tags (and, contra-wise, can be used to rename any files, not just music ones).

Leon van Bommel
2008-05-04, 10:54
I've used MP3tag also for retagging & renaming over 10000 FLAC files. You don't want to start it too often, as loading the library takes quite some time but for the work you'll propably want to get done this is likely you're best bet.

2008-05-04, 10:59
Another vote for MP3tag. I also use Foobar2000.

2008-05-04, 12:47
Another vote for MP3tag. I also use Foobar2000.

Same here.

2008-05-04, 15:04
My problem is this early enthusiast kept changing the name rules and so I have different groups of albums and 4-5 changes over the course of three years and many cds. I guess I have build several asis templates and standardize the renamed template.

I am dealing almost toally with wave files and some APE. I just can't bross tolerate the degradation of the stage that mp3 does to audio.

Any further advise much apreciated.

Since this is all about music, I'll leak a little enthusiasm for a cd by Tony Rice and Peter Rowan called simply "Tony Rice and Peter Rowan Quartet" discovered after listing to Jerry Garcia, DAvid GRisman and Peter Rowan playing Arabia on their "Old and In the Way Band" cd from the early 90's. I'm new to folk apreciation but this is talent, poetry, and excellent acoutic guitar.

Sorry for the outburst.

2008-05-05, 00:00
WHy not convert it all into APE or better FLAC? It's tags that are important, not file names.

2008-05-05, 02:21
I had the same problem ... had to rename approx 10000 WAV files (tags are rather useless with classical music - I prefer to used folders)

Spacetornado renamer worked for me. You could try it.


2008-05-05, 03:35
Another easy, simple, free, flexible, batch file renaming program is ReNamer. Just keep in mind that simple renaming is not tagging.
This program does have meta tag capabilities, but I've never messed with tagging.


2008-05-05, 07:06
...I have different groups of albums and 4-5 changes over the course of three years and many cds. I guess I have build several asis templates and standardize the renamed template.

Yep, something like BRU could deal with that (and very easily if you know regular expressions, but I'm guessing that that's not the case). Without regular expressions (and with IMHO any bulk re-namer) you'll likely want to sort files using these different naming schemes into separate file trees before you start renaming. May be true with RE as well; I don't know your naming schemes.

I am dealing almost toally with wave files and some APE. I just can't bross tolerate the degradation of the stage that mp3 does to audio.

I don't think anyone here has suggested MP3. You might think about FLAC as it's lossless (you can get your WAV back bit-for-bit whenever you like) it can hold tags (tags are IMHO quite useful), and it can be sent directly to a squeezebox to be played (so lower bandwidth usage and no transcoding at your server).

I'd suggest dbPowerAmp's MusicConverter for encoding into FLAC (or whatever lossless you prefer).
Then, if your various naming schemes makes for an utter mess, maybe try MusicIQ's "mixer", as this product can identify even misnamed music files and can add tags (use the function "fix tags"), at which point you're dealing with tags all in one "known" state, and you can bulk-modify them to your heart's content with MP3Tag's "actions".

Unless, of course, you are dealing with classical music, at which point, well, there doesn't seem to be a good solution. I've created a number of "custom" tags, and have filled them in with the info I think appropriate and have used MP3Tag to use these tags to fill in the "standard" ones. I figure that when/if tags-for-classical ever gets settled down, I won't have a huge re-tagging job ahead of me but just some more actions to write.

This is a big enough job that (IMO, of course) taking the time to learn your tools will be a big win.
It's like the exam they have for folks who want to work in the post office. You do best if you first take the time to memorize the location of whatever boxes you're supposed to put stuff into, and then do the work.

2008-05-05, 08:01
Since I haven't seen this program mentioned as yet, please give a try to Renamer 6.0 by Albert Bertisson. The program is freeware and is available from: http://www.albert.nu/default.asp?sub=programs/default.asp?sub=renamer/main.htm

This program will rename any file and works with templates and wildcards. Very easy to use, fast and very small. It will even rename directories.

I also agree with what several others have already said, mainly that mp3tag is the program to use when working with tags and the occasional file renaming, particularly when the tags are already exist.

You should also think about converting those wav files to flac files since flac files can be tagged (and you can use mp3tag to work with flac tags)and tags are where it's at in the world of SqueezeCenter.

2008-05-05, 09:08
Thanks all for the generousity of spirit and detailed assistance and recommendations. I 'll carefully plan my re-categiztion carefully 1st this time.

2008-05-05, 09:29
Where do I find MusicIQ ?

2008-05-05, 10:14
I think Bob means MusicIP which is supported by Squeezecenter.

It can be downloaded from http://www.musicip.com. Can be a bit of a fiddle to set up, ande takes a while to analyse your music, (although I have never had an issue with set up, others have), but it is brilliant. Totally revolutionised the way I listen to music.

There are lots of hints and tips on the Spicefly site too which you may find useful.


2008-05-05, 19:14
Yeah, sorry - got the name confused (duh!).

It seems to be very easy to set up stand-alone. The "fiddle" comes in when you want it to work with squeezeserver and have both running as services. Not too bad if you follow the directions at spicefly.
It's revolutionized my listening habits as well - but whether you're interested in getting revolutionized or not, it also can identify mis-named, un-tagged music, and then, if you want, it can use that information to create/fix tags.
I've been using it to check the "year" tag in music I've ripped with EAC (so, freeDb), and looking up the tracks it thinks need changing at allmusic.com. So far, whenever there's been a difference, it's been right.

2008-05-05, 21:01
Another vote for mp3tag. It does a fantastic job cleaning up tags, renaming files and even folders. After ripping and tagging over a period of a few years I spent some time over the weekend consolidating and editing for consistency etc. mp3tag made it a breeze to:
- get consistency of artist name across all my albums/ compilations etc.
- consistently format (case, spacing, delimiters) all tracks, albums & filenames
- change all instances of " and " to " & "
- correctly recognise Roman numerals in artist, album and title tags and format them as such
- consolidate/ eliminate duplicate/ superfluous tags without retyping a thing
- rename files based on tag content
- rename all folders "artist - album" taking into account any changes made above

This was done on a library approaching 90k tracks, and it was done in a day!

If you're needing to identify tracks that aren't tagged or are incorrectly tagged, MusicIP/ Musicbrainz Picard is the way to go.

2008-05-08, 07:55
I'm trying to retag my entire library and used one of these program to export all the tag information to a csv and have nearly finish sorting it all out in excel. However I neglected to spot that there wasn't a facility to read in the fixed tags from a file.

My only solution at this point is to rename all the fines using the new tags from my sheet to \[Genre]\[Artist]\[Album]\[Year]\[Track]\[Title](I can write code to do this without any problem, then use one of the tagging apps to retag everything based on the filepath and finally rename all the tracks back to whatever I think they should be called! There is a slight problem here that I am limited to using characters allowed in a filename for the song title.

Now if anyone has an app that can retag files from a csv file of tags, I'd be very interested (or the vb/vba source of an app that might do this for that matter).

To add to the fun the files are mixed formats and I need to run some conversions after (To convert some aac for the squeezeerver and some ogg to mp3 for the iPod I was forced to buy for the car).

2008-05-08, 08:11
if your csv files are consistent in content/layout, you can use mp3tag to import the tags from text (csv) file. load all tracks in mp3tag, sort them in the required sortorder (ie match that in the csv file), highlight all tracks, right click/Convert Text File-Tag , then enter the field/tag headers that represent the content of the csv files.

2008-05-08, 23:30
I have used the dynamic duo of MP3tag and MusicBrainz to sort out the mess that was 1,800 cd's as flac.
MB can identify the cd, and then correctly tag the selection. Works!
If its not found in MB, then I fire up MP3tag and fix it the regular by-hand-way, this was useful for bootlegs and live shows and obscure cd's not in MB. You can also rename the actual filenames on you hd using this. However, as the sb uses tags rather than file names, it really doesn't matter what the file names actually are.
I also use foobar to add replaygain to all my flacs (a godsend).


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