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karma mechanic
2008-05-04, 02:47
I've been getting an odd problem, so I'm sharing it here to see if anyone can shed any light on it.

First of all:
SqueezeCenter Version: 7.0 - 17793 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252
Server IP address:
Perl Version: 5.8.8 MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
MySQL Version: 5.0.22-community-nt

This is a fresh install of SqueezeCenter on a fresh install of Windows after a format of the C drive, but the symptoms have been apparent on previous occasions.

ok, the symptoms:

Full rescan of the library. The library looks fine, everything present just once.
Use Squeezebox to play 'Surfacing' by Sara McLachlan.
At the end of the album the SB display sits there showing the first track 'Building a Mystery'.
Go to bed forgetting to switch off the computer, so it goes to standby on its own.

Next morning:
Press play on the SB, but nothing plays. Go into music library and navigate the Sarah McLachlan albums, it shows 'Surfacing' twice.
Pressing play on one of those entries seems to do nothing, pressing play on the other entry appears to run through the list of tracks extremely rapidly, but nothing actually plays.

Looking in SqueezeCenter:

The album 'Surfacing' is listed twice under Sarah McLachlan. One entry has 0 tracks by 0 artists. The other entry has just track one, 'Building a Mystery'.

When it has done this in the past rescanning the music library restores it to the full complement of tracks in the one entry for 'Surfacing'. I haven't done that this time in case there is something else I can check in logs or whatever that might reveal the cause.

My assumption is that the database is being corrupted when the computer goes to standby. There have been no rescans since the initial full scan when I installed SqueezeCenter.

Any ideas ?

Edited to add the server.log data as a txt file. It appears to show that when I pressed play the SB tried to load the playlist from the current album, but that the USB drive containing the music wasn't mounted at that time, it takes it a second or two to get mounted when the computer comes out of standby. Why this should result in the database ending up with two corrupted entries for the album is a mystery though :

karma mechanic
2008-05-04, 09:46
Aha - this appears to be very similar to bug 5067, except it relates to a USB hard drive. The server finds the files are not present when asked to play them so removes them from the database...