View Full Version : Incorrect list after ITunes scan:- No Album, No Artist

2008-05-04, 01:13
Following a clean install of SqueezeCentre on a PC installed with ITunes certain artists & album listings refuse to sync correctly to the ITunes database. ITunes performs a correct CDDB look up, ITunes then imports and displays the album information correctly however for some reason certain tracks later show in SqueezeCentre as 'No artist' / 'No album' however the track name is correct in ITunes? I have tried to perform a comparison check to see if there is something different between the tracks that are correct in ITunes and not SqueezeCentre but nothing found as yet.

SqueezeCentre was removed and all related databases removed. SqueezeCentre was then installed clean....but no change. I suspect it may be something to do with multi part albums but I am at a loss as to where exactly the fault may lie. Anyone with any ideas or experience of a similar problem?


2008-05-04, 04:51
Under FAQ I eventually discovered the following: "Some or all of my songs or playlists from iTunes are not showing up in SlimServer" This instructs you to BLANK the music folder in 'Basic settings- Music Folder' and then re-sync the database. This resolved my problem at once. I can now see Squeeze Centre was looking at the file listing twice... 1st from ITunes and 2nd at the storage folder directly. If you have an alternative second music storage location then sure add that to the 'Music Folder' and the software will find it and display the contents.

I would recommend the documentation is updated especially on the ITunes set-up page. Something in the order of: If you are only using ITunes to manage your music library leave the Music Folder in Basic Settings blank.