View Full Version : Discover SqueezeCenter through ssh ?

2008-05-04, 00:25
Is there some way the SqueezeBox can discover a SqueezeCenter when I've setup a SSH tunnel and are running the SqueezeBox at a remote site towards a SqueezeCenter at home ?

I can establish the connection by entering the IP address of the tunnelled SSH port manually when connecting, but I can't get the SqueezeBox to automatically discover which SqueezeCenter instances that are available as it normally do without the SSH tunnel involved.

I suppose there is some broadcasting going on that causes the problem ? Is this even possible to do through a SSH tunnel ?

SSH is setup to tunnel port 9000 and 3483 as follows:
ssh -g -N -4 -L9000:squeezecenterserver:9000 -L3483:squeezecenterserver:3483 homeserver

2008-05-04, 04:07
From what I recall the broadcast is an IP broadcast which will limit it to the same IP segment ie the local network For a network of 192.168.0.x with a mask of it will only be noticed by hosts with .x addresses.

Broadcasts go to all 1's or all 0's so or using the example address range.

I'm not familiar enough with SSH to say but I'd guess it would need to also pass the broadcast address as well as bridge so that the Squeezebox could be on the same IP address range as the host.

(I'm aware .0 isn't a broadcast address, historically though it was used that way, I believe it is now more correctly known as a multicast address.)