View Full Version : Shoutcast streams keep dropping out, no logs

2008-05-03, 12:23
Hi, I'm running slimserver on ubuntu. When I listen to shoutcast streams, they'll drop out every 15-20 minutes; after about 3-4 minutes, it'll start playing again. If I hit play on the remote after it drops out, it starts again almost immediately.

There's nothing in the slimserver log (/var/log/messages/slimserver) about the outage. If I play shoutcast on my PC, there's no drop of the stream. The wifi signal is consistently strong, and a laptop sitting next to the squeezebox doesn't experience any connectivity issues.

Ideas on how I can debug this? It's annoying.

2008-05-03, 14:23
Ah, I misdiagnosed slightly. When playing "random mix" I also get dropouts, but the squeezebox recovers very quickly.

2008-05-03, 16:10
Turn on Show Buffer Fullness mode to get a better view of the audio buffer (Settings -> Player -> Now Playing Information -> Show Buffer Fullness). Try running using ethernet to rule out wireless problems. To get some debug messages, enable player.source and player.streaming.direct log settings.

2008-05-03, 20:54
andy... he raises a very interesting question...

is it possible to have the SB2 log all its dropouts? meaning, i think it would be very useful for the SB2 to be aware of and create a log of (back at the server) any instance it stops playing music and why if the user did not initiate the stoppage.

here's what i'm getting at:

i still to this day occasionally have issues with internet stations for no known reason. the wireless laptop (via winamp) has no issue, but the SB2 does. and this is in spite of the fact its in proxy mode, it has 30 second buffers set, etc...

if i try to use non-proxy mode or SN, its even less robust. i'm not saying it never works, i'm just saying its never safe to assume it will always work under any scenario. (and by that i mean whatever given configuration, vs the benchmark of a laptop using winamp, that almost always seems to work for me)

such a logging feature might spotlight how often the issue arises, track the buffer fullness, and give some indication of just what caused the music to stop. wireless problems? SC not getting data from the stream? etc... there has to be an obvious local failure that explains the actual stoppage, that would hopefully in turn point to the root cause of the stoppage.

2008-05-03, 21:32
Yeah, see http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=6369

2008-05-04, 13:08
Ah, this may have been because I wasn't limiting transmission bandwidth. I limited to 128kb and am running now with performance monitoring and the buffer monitoring on. Andy, where are the log settings you mentioned?

Interestingly, on my router, I'm showing a much higher receive than transmit rate; i.e. it's averaging 26kbit/sec transmit, and 180kbit/sec receive. Does this seem right?