View Full Version : SB3 turns on spontaneously.

2008-05-03, 06:39

Has anyone had this experience? I use my SB3 in my bedroom as a wakup alarm. I turn it off in the morning when I go to work. When I get home it is on again and playing. This does not happen every day.

I am using SC 7.0
Wired Transporter
Wireless SB3

I think I recall this happening in an earlier verion of SlimServer and I think it was fixed.

My alarm settings are:
Fade Alarms In: Checked

Every Day
Alarm: off
Set Alarm Time: 12:00AM
Alarm Volume (0-100): 50
Alarm Playlist:

Monday - Friday is set to:
Alarm: on
Alarm Time: 7:00AM
Alarm Volume (0-100): 75
Alarm Playlist: Random Song Mix

Saturday and Sunday
Alarm: off
Alarm Time: 12:00AM
Alarm Volume (0-100): 50
Alarm Playlist: Random Song Mix

Any thoughts?


2008-05-03, 06:53
Probably unrelated, but music woke me up at approx 04:20 on Sunday. I determined that the music actually started at 04:18, which is precisely the time when the log files are rotated on my FC6 Linux box. I have a Duet and I'm running SC 7.0. We see what happens again tonight....


2008-05-03, 09:01
I have the impression that this can happen when the active playlist is a internet radio stream and playback is paused. This happened to me last night: the active playlist was set to NRK Alltid Klassik - Norway medium and was paused. When I shut down my SBC as I was just about to drift off to sleep, suddenly my transporter started blaring the stream! I restarted the SBC and cleared the playlist.

I have some friends to whom I gave a SB3 a couple of years ago who regularly listen to French radio streams. They've said that on several occasions the SB3 started playing seemingly on it's own...usually in the middle of the night and bouncing them out of bed. So far, I've given them my standard response to all such unexplained phenomena: "It's possessed. Call an exorcist."

2008-05-03, 09:16
I haven't really used the internet radio much. Mine continues the last playlist (usually Random Song Mix). It did spontaneously turn on in the middle of the night once or twice last year sometime but hasen't happened again until I installed SC 7.0.