View Full Version : Odd behavior 'open squeeze centre'

2008-05-03, 05:50
Hi Folks, just got a s3 and very happy. One issue that I have noticed is that choosing 'open squeeze centre' from the squeezebox systray icon in windows fails- it complains and asks for a file association. Similarly, clicking on the Internet shortcut in the squeezebox directory fails. Changing the file association to ie, firefox or yahoo browser fails too. Curiously, when I have my yahoo browser already open, then it works, or does dropping the icon to any browser application. Similar if I just type the url in to any browser then it works. I have no idea why this fails. I did not specify that I use the yahoo (BT)yahoo browser in the set up of squeezebox (it is a really crap slow browser with a poor GUI). I generally use firefox and I have noticed that squeezecentre runs much faster in firefox c.f. ie7 which complains all the time.... It is only a minor inconvenience but is there any way to fix this.....

2008-05-03, 05:56
This is often due to some browser addon, such as Adblock, Google or Yahoo toolbars. If you're using one of them, go to the Windows settings, Add/Remove programs and define your default browser again.

Alternatively, http://kb.mozillazine.org/Windows_error_opening_Internet_shortcut_or_local_H TML_file_-_Firefox