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2008-05-03, 02:49
I have the Duet now since it came out and I am really getting more and more dissilusioned. There have been numerous updates, the last one this morning and frankly the result is appalling. Now my music just breaks up and somehow plays like a record player on a slow speed.

Whats going on? My wireless signall strength is always good, we have wireless laptops that can work outside in the garden so its not that. The receiver sits about 15 feet away from our wireless Router(Belkin 125g) and the signal strength on the controller is always about 2 bars or maximum.

There seems to have been something badly wrong with this last update as it was running fairly good, but to be honest not 280 good.

I would be interested to see if anyone else has had similar issues, especially since this last update.

2008-05-03, 21:08
Numerous updates? I'm assuming you mean SBC firmware. Sounds like you're running a version other than 7.0 (which rarely gets updates as it's stable). Which version are you running? Why not 7.0? Both 7.1 and (to a lesser extent) 7.0.1 are unreleased and thus not guaranteed to be stable.

2008-05-04, 01:20
I have version 7.01 running which I believed, according to other posts had a fair number of bug fixes. It was after that my signal strengths improved. However the last 2 times I have switched the controller on it has told me there are updates. I wasn't even aware of a version 7.1, when did that come out?

2008-05-04, 02:01
7.0 is stable and release.

7.0.1 is beta - minor bugfixes to 7.0 but occassionally a bugfile will have unwanted side effect. Expected to be release and stable in about 3 weeks.

7.1 is still development - it is pretty good but bits can stop working overnight so it is really only for users who don't mind diving into code.

For Duet - 7.0.1 is the best as Duet is a new product many of the bugfixes relate to it. At the moment there seems to be an issue about updates and it confuses me at times.

What release of 7.0.1 are you running ?
What release is in your Controller ?
What release does your controller want to download.

2008-05-04, 05:23
The Controller shows firmware version 23

SC Shows version 7.0.1 - 19177

Controller says software is up to date but would I lke to re-install version 7.0.1 2409

hmm...that doesn't match with the SC version, should it?

2008-05-04, 05:27
Just to be pedantic - the controller (aka SBC) is the handler unit with the screen, the receiver (SBR) is the small black box.

So to be clear

SBC release is 2409 but works with 7.0.1 - there is no matching.
SBR firmware is 23
SC is 7.0.1 19177

The request for update - is this a popup or when you go to the Settings/Advanced

2008-05-04, 06:21
The request for update popped up on screen initially, so I did it??

2008-05-04, 12:47
I rolled my SC back to 7.0.1 19177 and the SBC back to 2097. I then did a Factory reset on the SBC.

When SC was running - I started SBC - it requested an update (no version nos were given in popup). After update everything was OK and at release 2409 and no further update request popups.

All I can assume is that you had to download a number of SBC release because there were some bug fixes that needed to be pushed out.

Separately I have noticed that after updates of SBC, the release text (i.e. release no. and build date) were not updated especially trying to go backwards. So it seems the text describing a release is separate from the firmware itself - I wonder if that is happening on your SBC.

Did you have any other issues that could have "upset" the update process in any way ? Such as -
Did the setting up of the SBR go smoothly ?
Was SBR controllable from SC when the "Update" popup appeared on the SBC ?

2008-06-22, 02:13
Following on from this everything seems stable now apart from music having the wobbles now and then. I can play 15/20 songs without problems then the nxt will just break up and be totally unplayable???

Any ideas



2008-06-22, 02:50
Following on from this everything seems stable now apart from music having the wobbles now and then. I can play 15/20 songs without problems then the nxt will just break up and be totally unplayable???
You really need to establish whether these problems are down to the wireless networking. Just because you have laptops that work OK proves nothing - streaming audio requires a much more stable wireless connection than general purpose stuff on a laptop. Just as a temporary experiment, connect the SBR to the router with an ethernet cable.

You'll probably need to do a factory reset of the SBR in order to get it to offer you the option of using ethernet rather than wireless: hold down the front button until the LED flashes red, and KEEP HOLDING until the flashing switches from slow to fast. Then reconfigure the SBR to connect over ethernet.

2008-06-26, 01:07
Where do you have squeezecenter running?

Operating system?
Connection wired/wireless?