View Full Version : just got hp mini note running suse

2008-05-01, 20:07
Anyone getting this box will need real patience on the first startup. The initial startup includes blowing the hard disk storage to the limits of the hard disk.

While booting.. press ESC to see the progress. It took about 15 or so minutes to create the new inode table and validate it in every way. (The light second from the left on the front shows disk activity.)

Then you have to give the usual setup info. As usual DO NOT forget the root password. If you are used-to windows, this will be new. You will also be asked to make a new user account. Here you enter a user name and password that you may not want to use again.. linux wants a user other than "root"

Mostly you can take the defaults. The only one I changed was the system name. (I left the domain name as the default.. more later.)

At the end of the setup, the system recommends you reboot. I did this by selecting the tab at the bottom of the screen on the left.

As the system restarts, you can login as

root (lower case)
and then the password you provided earlier.

The "computer" tab at the lower left is like "START"

I used it to start firefox. Since I use firefox browser sync, I installed that on the new system and waited for the process to finish.

For those without this experience, I use five or six machines and this makes all of the tabs in firefox the same on every machine I use.

I then connected to SC and used the Extras to download and install softsqueeze.

It ran and connected to SC but when I restarted the system I was puzzled about how to run softsqueeze again.... I connected to SC and downloaded SS to the desktop.... more later about running it if you don't know how.

The keyboard of the mini is glorious.. it's better than the tx1000 I'm typing to now... the screen is also great.

The only drawback is that the viewable area is small compared to the "background" area. The true definition is 1024x768 and the size of the unit overall is "small" (about half the size of the tx1000.)

Otherwise, the "speakers" on the side of the screen are good.

I've had no trouble running SS and controlling it from either the tx1000 or the mini.

More later.